Why do I need to be present for the filming?
The video cannot be changed at a further date, so to avoid any discrepancies when describing the property, the customer (or a representative of the customer's organisation) must be present to view the video and sign a document to state that they were present and happy with the film.
What if I cannot make it to the filming?
If a situation arose where nobody can be present for the filming, we will not be held responsible for any discrepancies.
What if I lose the photographs and/or video?
If you have signed up to our customer support package we will have all your information securely saved and we will provide you with another copy of any information you require. Due to large storage demands if you do not have customer support we cannot guarantee we will still have your information, however please still feel free to enquire.
What if I wish to rent the furnishings and/or furniture for a longer period of time than initially agreed?
If you are renting furnishings and/or furniture and wish to keep them in the property for a longer period of time we require 3 working days’ notice. Note furnishings and furniture items must be rented for minimum of 7 days.
Do I own the photographs/video?
Once Falcon Properties & Marketing has received full payment for the photographs and/or video then the customer has full ownership rights. We reserve the right to advertise our services at the beginning and end of the video as stated in terms and conditions.
What If I have tenants who want to move in straight away and I have rental furnishings still in the property?
We will strive to remove the furnishings within hours of being notified, however we reserve the right to have 3 days notice as per contract.
What if I wish to permanently purchase any of the furnishings/furniture?
Furnishings and furniture can be purchased, many will have a price on the back of the item, please feel free to enquire.
How do I find my video on YouTube?
We will provide you with the URL link directly to your video. We will also call your video by terminology we have agreed upon. E.g. 45 Park Street, Hull. Searching for this in the YouTube search bar will provide you with your video.
Can we just film the property without dressing?
Unfortunately we cannot provide this service.
Is there discount for multiple jobs?
We do offer 10% discount for future work with the referral of a new customer (once our service has been booked and a deposit paid).
Can we provide furniture?
Yes, details of what furniture we provide (and prices) can be found under the services section on our website.
Can the property be dressed and/or filmed when occupied?
Whilst it is always best to film the property unoccupied, on occasion it may be feasible to film the property if it is occupied but this will need to be agreed with the tenant and Falcon Properties & Marketing prior to the service proceeding.
What if I wish to remove the video from YouTube?
We will be happy to remove any video within three days once we have received a written request.
If I am unsatisfied with the service provided what is the complaints procedure?
Please notify Steve Welburn or Lynn Lawrence immediately and we will respond to the complaint within 48 hours.
What if I wish to change the date of the service?
Whilst we make every effort to accommodate requests, we may not be able to change the date of service due to our schedule commitments.
What items are included in the soft furnishings?
The soft furnishings can include all or some of the following: Bedroom: Duvet/Bed covers/Pillows/Throws/Cushions/Lamps/Mirrors/Pictures/Picture Frames/Books/Laptop computer Monitor/ Accessories Kitchen: Microwave/Kettle/Toaster/Coffee Maker/Tea Towels/Flowers/Vase/Cook books/Dishes/Glasses/Cutlery/Pictures/Rug/Fruit Bowl & Fruit/Table runner Living Room: Cushions/Throws/Rugs/Mirrors/Pictures/Candles/Side tables/TV/ Bathroom: Rugs/Towels/Toiletries/Pictures/Toothbrush/Soap dispensers