Having a video guided tour will allow you to clearly communicate the value of your property and offer your customers a “virtual viewing”. As landlords we understand how time consuming viewings can be. For properties that are advertised with a video, accompanied viewings have been cut by 70%.

Prior to filming, we discuss with you what aspects of the property you want to highlight and showcase. A video is then conducted both inside and outside the home. You will receive a hard copy (on a USB pen) and it will be uploaded onto the internet via “YouTube”.

As a student visiting from Portugal, the video tour was the only reason I booked accommodation with Falcon Properties. Viewing the guided video tour not only gave me more information on the room, it also helped me get a better "feel" of the house which photographs alone cannot provide.

Joana Fereira da Silva (Portuguese Student, July 2014)

How much do we charge for Filming?

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